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I was really excited for Friday. The countertop was getting installed, in my mind that meant we were done! Yay!

Nope. The countertop came Friday afternoon. It was installed in a few hours. The under mount sinks are adhered to the countertop on site. I didn’t realize the sinks needed a full 24 hours to set before they could get hooked up. This means I have no sink or dishwasher until Tuesday. My new fridge has a waterline, so that also needs to be hooked up. No sink, no dishwasher, no fridge equals I am not moving upstairs.

In the mad rush to finish everything up before the countertop came we had a few stumbling blocks. Because I used two lengths of tile on the floor we ran short of the wider, shorter tile. We finally figured out  we would need 1.5 boxes of fat tile to every 1 box of thin. Two of the fat tiles came broken in the box, and we were two fat tiles short of finishing! Our first reaction was to drop everything and drive up to Edmonton to get two tiles. After thinking about it for a few minutes we realized where the last few tiles were going, and decided to cut them and patch up the last run. The last few tiles are on the wall behind the door in the ensuite. I decided I wanted it done, and didn’t care if there were a few extra grout lines, I would be the only person to ever see or notice it.

Moving upstairs is a bigger task than I thought. It took me a full day to vacuum out the dust in the cabinets, clean the drawers, and then clean the outsides of the cabinets. It took another full day to unpack all of the boxes from the kitchen and get them into their new homes. This was kind of crazy; I have 10 empty drawers and three empty cabinets at this point. My new kitchen is way bigger! I even brought up random stuff from the cold room and put it away! Now my cupcake carrier has its very own spot!

I woke up this morning and couldn’t move my arms; Jay says it is because I did 1000 reps with a 1 lb weight putting everything away! We managed to only have two minor squabbles about where things should go. Jay won in both. Ugh I hate when he is right. The cups and mugs should go close to the fridge, not in the glass cabinet on the other side of the room, and my baking supplies do not prime pantry real-estate. I can find a different spot.

All of the shelves in the cabinets are adjustable. To adjust them you need to pop off the doors (there is a button on the back of the hinge that releases the door) and move the shelf clips. Just don’t take all of the doors off and stack them, or you will have no idea what cabinet they go back on.

We have a few more things to do before we are done. The ensuite needs grout, and a toilet. We need to install our mirrors, towel holders, and toilet paper holders. I have to finish painting the bedroom, and do some touch ups. The backsplash will be installed in the next week or two. I still need to clean the kid’s room, and our bedroom. Jay needs to install the blinds for the ensuite, the window placements are a bit risqué for my taste. We are on our way.

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  1. Dianna
    Dianna says:

    It looks like controlled chaos to me Whitney…you are scaring me just a little bit!!
    However, the cabinets and flooring look amazing!


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