Kitchen Destruction

I am on a roller coaster of exhaustion and excitement. Things are starting to move at a break-neck pace, and we are having trouble keeping up. We had the weekend to get ready for the demolition of the angled pantry in the kitchen, and prep for flooring in the bathrooms. This meant we needed to “move out” of the kitchen. Jay took Friday day off and got everything out of the cabinets and pantry. We didn’t thoroughly think this through. I shouted up at Jay “Where is the Fry Pan?” He shouted back “What are you going to cook on?” I thought to myself “Oh ya, I have no kitchen”. We had Chinese.

We sold the existing Kitchen on Kijiji for $600. It wasn’t as painful as I imagined. The first person who came to look bought it, which is what we wanted. They also took the microwave, oven, and dishwasher. All of the appliances were on their last leg so we were happy to be rid of them. We are up $600 bucks and skipped a trip to the dump. Perfect. Jay removed the cabinets; I don’t think it was as difficult as he wanted me to think it was. He did it by himself with a drill and crowbar. Cabinets are usually secured to the wall, and the cabinets beside it with screws. Once you remove the countertop and the screws you can take the cabinets out.

Best Friday night ever

Saturday was crazy. Swim lessons, followed by tile removal, followed by golf lessons, followed by Kijiji kitchen sales. Once the boys were in bed Saturday night Jay and I looked at each other and just sighed in harmony, then we had a beer. There were no words exchanged. Words take too much effort. We had Chinese again for supper.

Sunday was Mother’s Day. We went to Cilantro and Chive for brunch with my In-Laws. It was delicious and the break was just what I needed. Jay took the boys on an adventure while I painted the bathrooms. I don’t know who had the harder job; we both were exhausted when he came home. The Chinese food delivery driver thinks we are weird, we had Chinese again.

Slightly more rewarding than ceiling painting

Monday was exciting. The pantry got ripped out! Tile started going in! I can finally see why I fell in love with this house. The main floor feels gigantic and open. I love the tile I chose for the floor. After a lot of searching I found it at MD Interiors. They are a flooring and interior design company on the way to Gull Lake They knew exactly what I was after and helped me navigate through the large selection. I finally feel like things are coming together!

I am getting a very rustic feeling from my two different widths of flooring with 3/4 offset pattern.

the exposed insulation is where the angled pantry used to be

The cold air intake was in the old wall, we will run it up through the island.

Next we have to rip out the old tile floor in the kitchen and entry, and get some electrical moved for the kitchen. We hope to install the cabinets early next week!

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