I have a dishwasher

The countertops are in, the cupboards are full. We are officially using our new kitchen and it is freaking amazing. I am a messy cook. I can keep pushing my mess further and further away from me and keep working! Everything has a drawer (there are several empty ones), all of our food fits into the pantry (easily) and my appliances are better than I ever imagined.

The best moment so far was cooking supper while the boys were playing Lego at the island. My three year old told me that his Papa “Cracked him up” and his other Papa made the best scrambled eggs ever they were “deeeelicious”. I was so happy I was not missing out on the conversation. I was engaged and present, and could help with Lego. It was awesome. I am so glad we decided to renovate; it has been painful, and exhausting, but 100% worth it.

The way we use our house, and interact has improved. Making diner is easier and actually fun (fun-ish if my husband is reading this it does not mean I will make every dinner from now until eternity with a smile on my face saying “yippee”) There is easily room for two people to work in the kitchen without being in the way. I can unload the dishwasher without annoyance of moving stuff around to put things away.

If you haven’t noticed, my new appliances are Retro Robin’s Egg Blue from http://www.elmirastoveworks.com/ and I love them. Like a stalker I stare at them and take creepy pictures of them, maybe that doesn’t equate to love, but is close enough without being weird. It is really nice to have a kitchen again, although there was one awkward moment when I told my Espresso Maker “I love you” and Jay said “I love you too” and then realized I was talking to the Espresso maker. We are still working through that one.

I have the Retro fridge (1959), Range (1954), Microwave and Dishwasher panel from Elmira. The kitchen was designed around the appliances being the largest visual impact; the idea was to make everything else beautiful but not too busy. I am so happy with how it turned out. The Herringbone backsplash adds just enough to make your jaw drop. We went with a 2” x 8” tile to get a nice look on the herringbone, Tyler at www.mdinteriors.ca helped me find what I was after, and they did an amazing job installing. The backsplash was done in 2.5 days total for the kitchen, bathrooms, and downstairs bar. I used a grout color that was similar to the tile and countertop because I didn’t want the herringbone to be too much.

Anyways, we still have not moved upstairs. We had ugly oak doors that we lacquered grey, and decided to hang last night (terrible Monday night decision). Just a note if you decide to take your doors off and replace the hinges: 1. Mark your doors top bottom and which way they face. 2. Place the hinges on the frame (don’t mount them) and check they open the correct way. 3. Put the knob on. We spent an hour putting up one door. Finally we flipped it upside down, took the knob off, and put it back on the other way. Sometimes I think I am above average IQ, last night was not one of those times.

We have bit of minor work ahead of us; I will take some pictures of the cabinets to show you how everything is organized. I am also going to dig up some good before pictures when the kitchen was still pink to give you a good idea of the transformation!

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