Feeling Frantic

I have cooked eggs on the BBQ. I have cooked a burrito on the BBQ. I have had BBQ’d bacon, and a BBQ’d pizza. I have tried every type of Tsu chef microwave bowl. I am done. I am fat. I am tired. I want my kitchen back.

After a week of nothing happening with the renovation, everything is happening at once! A few days ago we installed the shower panels for the ensuite. We did a custom shower with Corian panels, I was going to tile it, but Jay reminded me that cleaning grout lines on tile is the worst job ever. The Corian color is called “Rain Cloud” and it will match our countertop in the ensuite. We had the panels fabricated to size from PF manufacturing in Edmonton, and were able to adhere them to the wall ourselves.

I spent the weekend painting my old oak railing white. I got two coats done in 10 hours of work. My arms no longer work, and I need to do one more coat. After two hours of sitting cross legged painting spindles you lose your mind. I was belting out every word to every song that came on, even if I didn’t know the words. Jay was killing himself laughing at me. That was just the first day; I was drinking beer and painting spindles, super fun. The second day I was so sore, hung-over, and still needed to paint spindles for 5 hours. Day two was really tough, but the spindles and railing look amazing. I will do the final coat once the kitchen is in.

The cabinets arrived on Monday. This was very exciting. Finally progress! Things are starting to take shape. The cabinets already look really good. I am happy with my color choice, and door style. I am going to have way more space than I did before. I think there will be some empty cabinets. I also have way more seating than I thought! This is going to be awesome!

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