Jay had the project of ripping the existing tile floor up. Demolition was the area that he felt comfortable chipping in on. We saved about a thousand dollars by doing the work ourselves. It was messy and gross, and it looked quite difficult. I understand why it is expensive to hire out. Jay forgot to put work gloves on and had a blister the size of Toonie on his palm from the sledgehammer. Take note men, you will always look cooler if you have a sledgehammer in your hand, but blisters don’t count as scars, chicks don’t dig blisters.

This was possibly the messiest day of the renovation. There was dust absolutely everywhere. We took the boys upstairs after the tile was out, and they helped pull up the nails and staples from the sub floor. They took turns sweeping, and vacuuming. They both thought it was the best day ever. Pulling nails out of a floor is just as fun as a water park when you are three and into tools.

“Best day ever” from Koen

My life is a mess right now, and that is OK. It is temporary. Working with your spouse, while also living in and working on a renovation with your spouse is difficult. Somehow we are managing pretty well. I am proving more capable that I thought I was, but some nights you just need a glass of wine and a nice text from a friend.

While the walls were torn up from the tile removal, Gary and the team ran the electrical and water lines for the fridge and microwave. We are doing under cabinet lighting, so there is low voltage power for that as well. The vent for the hood fan was cut, and once everything was in place the drywall got put up.

Some of the existing floor is solid hard wood. It is quite nice, but it not a great color. Some of it needed to be removed; the remaining hardwood will clearly define the new dining room from the kitchen. I didn’t replace it because it is a very good quality, it still holds value. It doesn’t go with my new kitchen at all, but that doesn’t matter; I will fix the hardwood later. I wanted a kitchen that I loved, not one that I liked and would work with the hardwood.  Now that the floor is out I need to tackle painting the railings. I think if they are white I won’t notice how ugly they are.

The tile is in and set for the bathrooms and entry. Typically you put tile in after the cabinetry, but for the entry we put the tile in first. The way I am laying out the entry is a-typical, if I want to change it down the road I won’t have to change the tile or patch any floor. I love the tile I chose, but I picked too light of a grout color. The main bath is the only one grouted at this point, so we need to go get a darker one. The tile has a lot of variation in color and pattern, I was looking at a really light tile when I chose the grout. At least my whole house isn’t grouted yet or I would be living with it!

The grout is too light.

Koen was a mix between Batman and Kenny Powers this evening.



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