Cabinets are the foundation of any kitchen and have the largest visual impact.

Our cabinets are custom designed specifically for each client. Each kitchen is as unique as the client it is designed for. We manufacture and build your cabinets in Lacombe, Alberta. One kitchen at a time!

This means your cabinets are built to the specifications of your home. We pride ourselves in providing truly custom designs. We have no pre-existing cabinetry determined before any client arrives. Each cabinet’s box size, drawer and/or door size is specifically determined given each client’s individual needs and preferences. Our construction is more labour intensive that most of our competitors. Our cabinet boxes have full depth backs and are “dadoed” for increased strength. This allows the construction process to utilize several forms of adhesion to ensure maximum strength. Our drawers are constructed in the same manner ensuring they are durable and solid.

We hand finish our components in Lacombe, providing quick turnaround time should any changes need to be made during the installation process.


We offer several choices of door and drawer hardware.  Our preferred vendor is Hettich.  They are a German based company with the majority of their products manufactured in Germany.  They offer a limited lifetime warranty on their products.

We offer soft closing or standard hinges, side mounted full extension slides, bottom mount full extension “quadro” slides, and standard bottom mount vinyl slides.

Functionality of each design is as paramount as the design style you choose.  We offer many choices of functional inserts for your cabinets that will aid in organization.  Such as; pull out garbage containers, base organizers with spice racks, cutlery inserts, knife block inserts, pull out pan holders, broom pull outs, appliance lifts and tip out trays to mention just a few.  You will find many pull out options to suit your specific needs.



Countertops are an integral part of the kitchen design and reflect each client’s distinctive taste. There are a variety of material choices.  Each material offers various colours and patterns to coordinate with your other design choices.

At Wolf Creek Cabinets we specialize in custom cabinetry for Red Deer and all of Central Alberta. We feel cabinets are the foundation of any kitchen and have the largest visual impact, so they should be tailored to your unique style.

At Wolf Creek Cabinets we offer quartz, solid surface, and laminate countertops.



Made from one of the hardest minerals on earth, quartz countertops are arguably the most durable option for kitchens. They’re also some of the most eye-catching. They come in a wide variety of colors, including fire-engine red and apple green, as well as earthy browns, blacks, and creams, with sparkles and veining for the look of granite or marble. But unlike natural-stone slabs, which are mined, these slabs are engineered in a factory. Their primary ingredient is ground quartz (about 94 percent), combined with polyester resins to bind it and pigments to give it color The resins help make these counters stain and scratch resistant—and nonporous, so they never need to be sealed, unlike granite which needs to be sealed regularly. It also means quartz is repairable unlike granite.

Cambria quartz is North American made and has the best selection and service in the quartz industry.  They are our preferred vendor.



Bathroom countertops, sinks, backsplashes and tubs created with DuPont™ Corian® solid surface integrate seamlessly, achieving a signature flowing look.  Easy-to-maintain, non-porous, and mold-, mildew- and bacteria- resistant when properly cleaned, Corian® solid surface bathroom countertops, sinks, and backsplashes offer residential bathrooms highly desirable performance attributes.



Designed with end-users in mind, your environment can be protected from the growth of bacteria or fungi.  Resistant to harsh chemicals and easy to maintain.

Laminate / Arborite Countertops

These countertops are fabricated on site in Lacombe, AB by the team at Wolf Creek Cabinets.  There are thousands of colour and pattern choices for your convenience.  We use an upgraded substructure treated for moisture resistance to ensure the longest possible life for your countertop.  Laminate countertops are installed at the same time as your cabinetry

** Quartz and solid surface countertops are installed approximately 3 weeks after the cabinet installation is complete.

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